There is no Business Organisation that can escape the need of Analytics. Business Owners want to see how different Members, Teams, Departments & Organisation as whole are functioning using reports & dashboards. Salesforce is such a powerful CRM, all data resides on the cloud, data is related accurately using relationships & it provides brilliant Out of the Box Analytical Capabilities.

Our Analytics Experts can assist your company with building 360 Degree View of your Organisation using Salesforce Analytics.

  • Standard Reports & Dashboards
  • Wave Analytics
  • Tableau
Discuss your Analytics requirement with our Expert

Our Approach

  • 01
    Business Analysis
    Our Analytics Expert will meet with your Teams to understand the requirement. Requirement will be documented in detail & will be shared with business owners for approval.
  • 02
    Feasibility Check
    Once the requirement if finalised, our experts will be study & check is it possible to deliver a solution
  • 03
    Our Experts will create solution document based on requirement gathered & feasibility check. Reports, Dashboards, Filters, Access & Look & Feel of the Dashboard will be documented & shared for approvals
  • 04
    Creating Dashboards
    We will develop Dashboards & Reports & Test them for performance & accuracy
  • 05
    Data Validation
    Data Validation is done by our Statistics Expert to ensure the dashboard is giving our correct data for you to take accurate business decisions
  • 06
    Roll Out
    Roll Out
  • 07
    Post Implementation Support
    Free Support will be provided for 30 Days Post Implementation to ensure no gaps are left. Any issues identified during this phase will be addressed Quickly

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